Thursday 24 January 2019
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reliefweb - 3 month ago

India: Humanitarian Snapshot Report 11: Flood Situation in Kerala (06 November 2018)

Source: Sphere India Country: India
Current Situation T he initial response and rescue w ork is completed in Kerala. T he details have been shared w ith regular update in Sphere India U R S matrix. N ow Kerala w ill need about R s 31,000 crores for recovery and reconstruction follow ing th e century #39;s w orst floods. T he highest amount w ould be needed for reconstruction of roads and transportation (R s 10,046 crore), follow ed by housing (R s 5,443 crore), agriculture, fisheries and livestock (R s 4,498 crore), employment and livelihood (R s 3,896 crore), other infrastructure (R s 2,446 crore), irrigation (R s 1,483 crore) and w ater and sanitation (R s 1,331 crore) (T he N ew s M inute). International examples and models for building back a better Kerala in 16 sectors have been suggested. Kerala could become the first green state in th e country by building on the four pillars of integrated w ater resources mana eco-sensitive and risk informed approaches to land use and pl inclusive and people centred.

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