Friday 14 December 2018
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reliefweb - 24 days ago

Yemen: Thousands showing up at food distribution points as desperation grows in Hodeida

Source: Islamic Relief Country: Yemen
Salem Jaffer Baobaid, Islamic Relief’s Project Coordinator in Hodeida, said on Friday 16 November: “There is an increasing desperation among the people of Hodeida, especially in Al Hali and Al Hawak districts on the frontline of the conflict. In the past few days we have seen thousands of people turning up at our food distribution points, where previously there would be hundreds. And fights have almost broken out where people are desperate not to miss out on the food packages. The numbers of people now in these areas is i many of them have come out of hiding as the fighting has subsided to stockpile on food rations and then go back to their homes. The signs of the conflict are etched on their faces and it breaks my heart to see so many weak women, children and the elderly suffering from malnutrition, cholera and respiratory diseases. We’re supporting 30 health centres in Hodeida but they are struggling to cope. “Living standards have dropped dramatically for the citizens of Hodeida, more support is urgently it’s up to everyone in the international community to work hard and extend a hand to assist the people of Hodeida. “We know that there are likely to be peace talks soon but we don’t have any expectations. The attempts at peace talks have been going on for so long and we will only start to feel positive about the peace talks when we see concrete action to stop the fighting. All we want is peace. We’re tired. People should not be forced to live in these conditions. Our teams are working around the clock to deliver desperately-needed aid. But only real peace will make a lasting difference to people’s lives here.” Please contact Simona French on / +447760221890 to arrange an interview.

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