Thursday 13 December 2018
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World: ICRC Appeals 2019 - Overview

Source: International Committee of the Red Cross Country: World
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is funded by contributions from States party to the Geneva Conventions, supranational organizations, international institutions, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and public and private sources. All funding is voluntary. ICRC BUDGET AND APPEAL STRUCTURE ●● The ICRC’s budget is set on a yearly basis. The 2019 budget is based on the objectives set for the year and aims to cover activities from 1 January to 31 December 2019. ●● The budget is divided into that for field operations and headquarters. The ICRC seeks funding to cover its budget through the Appeals, which is structured accordingly: the Operations section covers the ICRC’s activities in over 90 countries around the and the Headquarters section covers all activities carried out at ICRC headquarters, which include institutional strategy, policy development and operational, legal and administrative support, including resource mobilization and financial management. ●● During the year, adjustments to the initial budgets may be made in the form of budget extensions. These are usually launched in response to emergencies or other situations requiring an expansion of activities or significant operational shifts. Budget Extension Appeals inform donors about these changes. ●● Special Appeals cover specific or cross-cutting issues. CONTRIBUTIONS Contributions may be made in the form of cash, goods or services. ●● Cash contributions are the most flexible and efficient way to finance ICRC operations. They account for around 95 to 98 per cent of the ICRC’s total income. Cash contributions may be allocated for a specific p please see the section on earmarking. ●● In-kind contributions are donations provided in the form of food, non-food items or other specific goods needed for the ICRC’s assistance activities. Donors may also provide cash-for-kind contributions to cover the purchase of pre-defined goods by the ICRC. ●● Contributions in services refer to support given to the ICRC in the form of logistics or staff on loan. STANDARD REPORTING SYSTEM ●● The ICRC’s Annual Report provides comprehensive information on the ICRC’s activities throughout the year. It reports back on the objectives set in the Appeals and includes narrative accounts and consolidated result indicators, including disaggregated data, where relevant. Annexes to the Annual Report contain the financial statements, contributions made by each donor, the financial situation at the end of the year, and the costs associated with seconding of staff by National Societies to the ICRC. Special Reports follow up on the Special Appeals. ●● Financial and statistical data on the activities of the previous year are normally available by mid-March, making it possible for the external auditor, Ernst Young, to examine the ICRC’s accounting records and financial statements and draft a report on these. The result of the audit of field and headquarters activities is reported to the ICRC Assembly. ●● The ICRC issues Midterm Reports to inform donors about the status of its field operations at m these cover contexts where notable progress can already be reported at the time of writing. ●● Donors may also receive information on evolving crises, specific field programmes, institutional policies and other topics through Updates or other ad hoc documents. ●● Monthly and quarterly financial updates inform donors of developments in the ICRC’s budget, expenditure rate and contribution levels during the year.

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