Saturday 19 January 2019
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Syrian Arab Republic: Winter Needs in Northern Syria Camps (November 2018)

Source: Assistance Coordination Unit Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Introduction With the advent of winter, the suffering of the IDPs and those who were forced to flee their homes is repeated in all sites of displacement in Syria. This suffering is most acute among camps population, in that several camp residents lose their lives every year due to the cold weather. In 2015, a snowstorm named “Huda” hit the middle east resulting in the death of 15 IDPs in the Syrian camps caused by freezing cold. In 2016, 3 neonatal deaths were recorded in the northern Syrian camps. Similarly, 3 deaths were recorded in the camps of Qah, Kherbet Aljouz and Jarablus due to the severe cold in 2017. The number of IDPs who are suffering from bad living conditions in the northern Syria camps is increasing every year, whereas the amount of humanitarian assistance provided is decreasing. Most of the humanitarian organizations respond only after the disaster takes place, where the roads are blocked, and access becomes impossible resulting in the death of IDPS due to the cold weather. The Information Management Unit (IMU), of ACU, releases the fourth edition of Winter Needs in Northern Syria Camps report, which sheds light on the reality of the camps, the nature of accommodation, and age groups of the IDPs. It also reflects the dangers that may threaten IDPs in the camps in the coming winter through the difficulties the camps faced during the previous years of the Syrian crisis. The report also includes the most important needs and the size of them according to the international standards of humanitarian response. Moreover, it draws attention to the most important practices that the IDPs and camp administrators should follow to minimize the impact of natural disasters that may threaten the lives of the IDPs. Methodology IMU, of ACU has developed a special questionnaire for this research based on the previous editions for this report. IMU released three editions of the winter needs report in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, where 30 enumerators, distributed among 234 camps in 12 clusters in the governorates of Aleppo and Idleb, participated in data collection. All enumerators live in the camps where they work, the thing which makes it easy for them to access accurate information and rely on their direct observation. The enumerators conducted interviews with different key informants, such as the camp management and humanitarian organizations operating in the northern Syria camps. IDPs were also surveyed on their most important needs, in that a comprehensive survey of the camps was conducted to obtain the population and age groups statistics, as well as, a picture of the situation in the camps. The enumerators used paper-based questionnaires, and the data of which was then uploaded using the KoBo Collect model. Data collection started in early October 2018, and lasted for 20 days, with the final report being issued in early November 2018.

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