Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Philippines: Leyte E-CLIP targets zero insurgency in 2020

Source: Government of the Philippines Country: Philippines
By PIA-8 TACLOBAN CITY, Dec. 10 -- The Leyte Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC) has the right formula towards ending local communist armed conflict in the area. This is the reason why, without fear of contradiction, the Leyte E-CLIP Committee headed by no less than Governor Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla and 802nd Infantry Brigade Commander Brig. General Lope C. Dagoy, is targeting zero insurgency for Leyte in 2020. The Governor’s advocacy is the use of Leyte EconoMICs (More Income in the Countryside) program which has uplifted the farmer’s living condition. On the other hand, is the humane approach of the Brigadier General. The Brigade Commander targets to wipe out NPA fighters in 2020 using a humanitarian strategy which opens an avenue for positive solution to the problem. Take this case at hand that shows the wisdom of the foregoing statement. For almost 19 years the farmers/surfacing rebels occupying the Larrazabal lots in Sitio Airport and Sitio Cabatoan, Barangay Casiongan, Calubian, L Sitio Catoogan, Barangay Daja Daku, San Isidro, L Sitio Crossing, Barangay Taglawigan, San Isidro, L Sitio 40, Barangay Jubay, Calubian, Leyte and Sitio Sorosimbahan, Barangay Anislagan, Calubian, Leyte, entertain the thoughts that they are entitled to the lot that they tilled. However, by virtue of a court order, the farmers/surfacing rebels have to vacate the land. This situation could have provoked insurgency, but Governor Mic Petilla was quick to come to the rescue by offering the government lot at Sitio Limite, Barangay Daja Daku, San Isidro, Leyte for the displaced farmers/surfacing rebels, teaching them the rudiments of MIC compact farming. This uplifted the spirit of the poor dislocated farmers, opening their eyes to the fact that the Governor is sincere in helping them. Meanwhile, the military was also in the forefront in solving insurgency. Using his heart and his mind BGen Lope Dagoy exhibited a consultative leadership to solve the problem. He and his men/women in uniform coordinated with the proper agencies and followed what was best to do from the PSWDO and the E-CLIP Focal Person who were in direct contact with the clientele. With no holds barred the PSWDO and E-CLIP Focal Person are vocal and insisted on what is right and just let alone arguments to the contrary notwithstanding. It was not an easy task for the E-CLIP Committee. There were disagreements but at the end of the day, disagreements served as filters in sieving misconceptions, misinformation and the absent of know-how in effect. The consultant of the Governor in an informal conversation intoned that “it takes a General Dagoy to makes things happen” and if one may add, to make things happen correctly and with positive results. Pulong-pulong, conferences, scheduled and unscheduled interview with the community, referrals to the relevant agencies were among the instruments to make things happen for the good of the dislocated farmers and other misguided elements in Leyte. Toward this end, the focus was on inviting insurgents and bad elements to partake without reservation in the programs of Leyte Province to give everyone the opportunity to live and eat the products of the sweat in his brow and the corn in his hand as he toils under the heat of the sun and the polluted rain and above all the peaceful condition of his environment because the 802nd Brigade to include the 93rd Infantry Battalion, 78th Infantry Battalion and the PNP are out to protect them. Ms. Gwyndalynn Malate, E-CLIP focal person said that the allegations that there are fake NPA surrenderees in the 3rd District of Leyte triggered an exhaustive investigation to determine the veracity of the information circulating in the social media and by gossip mongers relating to the allegations aforementioned. After a series of interviews in the community and the Former Rebels who have already availed package of assistance years back, it was found out that a total of 269 surfacing rebels are qualified to be enrolled in the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP). Their documents have been signed by Governor Petilla and are now being processed. (PIA-8)

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