Saturday 11 July 2020
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reliefweb - 17 days ago

COVID-19 Prevention in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia Source: Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief CPAR is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Ethiopia and in Malawi As COVID-19 continues its global path, all of us at CPAR are very aware of how countries with weak health systems are at a greater risk of being completely overwhelmed when the disease hits. We are working hard in Ethiopia and in Malawi to try to stop this from happening. Our work in Ethiopia CPAR has worked with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the North Shoa Regional Health Authority, and Fitche Hospital to determine the most effective way to respond to recent needs assessments. We have prioritized the procurement of essential personal protective equipment so Fitche Hospital can protect its staff, their families, and patients. We have procured large oxygen tanks, regulators, and oxygen administration cannula and masks to increase the hospital s capacity to administer oxygen therapy. And, at the hospital s request, we are developing e-learning modules with essential information about the management of COVID-19 patients. CPAR is also delivering public awareness messages about COVID-19 prevention to rural communities through radio and social media, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and regional health authorities. Radio is very popular in Ethiopia and this approach helps us reach many people while not putting our staff at risk. As part of this process and at the request of the Ministry of Health, we are also sharing vital information about sexual reproductive health and rights and gender-based violence, to address the increased risk due to enforced isolation and physical distancing. CPAR is also in discussion with regional and zonal health authorities to assess how to collaboratively implement current initiatives and respond to needs assessments. Results: We have formed partnerships with all levels of government as well as local community leaders. Fitche Hospital has more capacity with regard to oxygen t personal protective equ and COVID-19 prevention, preparation, screening, and treatment. Community awareness about COVID-19 and the prevention measures they can take is growing.

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