Friday 7 August 2020
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Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment: Jordan

Country: Jordan Source: US Agency for International Development With an education system that ensures equal access to young men and women, Jordan boasts a highly educated female population with the potential to advance Jordan s economic, social, and political development. However, a sizeable gap exists for women between constitutional rights and acceptable social norms, with traditional expectations and cultural restraints continuing to limit women s advancement. With less than one-fifth of women engaged in the workforce, Jordan has one of the lowest rates of women s economic participation in the world. Despite the inclusion of quotas for women in national and municipal bodies, political participation remains limited, with only around one sixth of seats in Jordan s Parliament held by women. Violence against women persists and is underreported due to societal and familial pressures. Support for improvement exists within the Government of Jordan, but resources to affect change are lacking. When women and girls have equal rights and access to resources and services, societies thrive. USAID aims in all its programming in Jordan to reduce gender disparities and empower women and girls to realize their rights, determine their own life goals, and help Jordan build a prosperous, self-reliant future.

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