Friday 14 August 2020
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reliefweb - 1 month ago

World: Global Weather Hazards Summary: July 10 - 16, 2020

Countries: Afghanistan, Belize, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Côte d Ivoire, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, World, Yemen Source: Famine Early Warning System Network After a week of severe flooding, heavy rainfall continues over Cote d Ivoire, while Uganda remains dry Africa Weather Hazards Desert locust swarms, groups, and bands are still present across the Horn of Africa. Mature swarms continue to move over Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda, while hoppers remain over Yemen and Oman. Heavy rainfall over the past two weeks triggered flooding across Cote d Ivoire and Ghana. There is a risk for continued flooding if heavy rains continue next week. Below-average rainfall since mid-May has caused abnormal dryness in parts of Uganda, Kenya, and southern Somalia.
Light rainfall next week is likely to maintain dry conditions.

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