Thursday 13 December 2018
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World: ICVA Bulletin: Highlights from November 2018

Source: International Council of Voluntary Agencies Country: World
Message from Executive Director Let’s be inclusive to be successful Inclusivity is a cornerstone of effective and principled humanitarian action. An independent study on civil society space released in November by ICVA defines the potential role of ICVA in strengthening and supporting a more inclusive and diverse civil society. It also provides a collective perspective of civil society needs, some of which will be addressed in ICVA’s 2019-2021 Strategy. kicking off next month. ICVA’s next strategic period will be an opportunity to support emerging practices that contribute to more direct and inclusive resourcing of local civil society. Read ICVA’s statement on the study. he decisive support for the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) UN Member States showed two weeks ago is another illustration of inclusivity. The development of the Compact has opened up a historic opportunity to reinvigorate the refugee regime, providing a framework to catalyse international solidarity with refugees and host States. Read ICVA’s statement on the GCR. The Global Compact for Migration will in turn gather global attention this week as the international community gathers in Marrakech to bring a more dignified and inclusive response to migration. Looking ahead, ICVA now calls for all stakeholders to translate words into collective action. When we feel threatened, we retreat into tribalism. When we feel mistreated and disrespected, we close ranks and become more us-versus-them. Let’s build on hard won commitments and together continue the dialogue for a peaceful society. Ignacio Packer
Executive Director | ICVA

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