Friday 14 August 2020
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WATCH: Heavy storms hit KZN, motorists urged to drive with caution

DURBAN - The cold front that the country braced itself for earlier this week has finally hit, with parts of Cape Town experiencing heavy winds, along with Gauteng, while parts of KwaZulu-Natal experienced heavy storms and hailstones.
EMS services sent out a warning messages to motorists to drive with caution has the storms moved through KZN.
SA Weather Service (Saws) forecaster Wiseman Dlamini told the Daily News yesterday that the cold front might bring some rain in most parts of the province, but weather systems were not indicating heavy rain.
“In Durban, it will be mostly rain and showers, nothing heavier at this stage,” said Dlamini.
He said temperatures would also drop tomorrow afternoon, and cooler temperatures would be experienced on Sunday.
Temperatures could reach a maximum of 18 C or 19 C for Durban tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures in the interior and the Drakensberg area could reach a maximum of 10 C to 12 C and the North Coast and Richards Bay could reach a high of 19 C to 20 C.
“On Sunday, most areas in KZN will have lower temperatures.”

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The weather service was also expecting winds to be coming in a south-westerly direction with a wind speed between 15 and 25 knots, which was about 30-50km/* along the coastline.
There will also be a moderate fresh wind blowing across the interior.
He said there might be waves reaching up to 4.5m along the coastline tomorrow afternoon.
“For people who will be using small boats, the wind is going to be strong as you move further into the sea. They will have wind gusts reaching up to 65 to 70km/* .”

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